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Why People will greatly Influence Your Growth?

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Your journey is about planting seeds and growing them; those around you are those that you are allowing to either water or kill those seeds.

Getting back up

a road

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Sometimes no matter how driven we are we still fall, the key is to get up and get going.


Woman’s Day.


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This is your day seize it.

You Are Driven .

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You are on a journey to reach your destination.

Who Are you Dressing For?


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In a world where everyone is dressing for someone else, do the abnormal - dress for you.

What is the House of Meliora?

A house

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What makes the House of Meliora a Home.

How to grow your self-confidence during a lockdown.

Self-confidence is something we all struggle with from time to time. Here is a handy idea of how to grow it during a lockdown.