Who Are you Dressing For?

Fashion Trends.

No matter how old you get, there are just somethings we never grow out of.

However, I have discovered a secret that tears it right off.

The Trend

When my mother was in university.
From the year 1996-2001.

Trousers were the fashion trend.

Unfortunately, for her; my grandfather did not want her wearing jeans.

I know; the horror.

And even though she loved pants and wanted to follow the trend.

She obeyed.

As all of her friends and almost every other girl in her year and campus wore them.

You would catch her in a skirt or dress below the knee.

Courage, right?

There was a little bit more to it than that.

But before I say what it is let me proceed.

A Faithful Day

When being a sore thumb was getting to her.

She lamented to her friend.

And to her surprise she found out, that the coolest girls in her year.

Yes, I said the coolest.

Had mentioned that they believed that she carried herself with such grace and poise, that they consider her one of the Refined Girls on Campus



Although, there is nothing wrong with dressing up in what is trending.

If you dress like the herd/group
You will never stand out.

Which is exactly what you were born to do.

The Secret
Image courtesy: unsplash

How do you stand out the right way?

Thinking of who you are wearing for.

She thought to herself,
“Honoring my father, no matter how absurd a wish it is, is what’s right. ”

And even though it sounds like it’s for her father it was not.

Her goal every time she dressed was to honor her father.

That’s how she dressed for herself.

So, before you buy that outfit that
everyone else is getting.

Ask yourself what is my goal?

Who am I dressing for?

That is where we come in as House of Meliora a to contribute to your answer - we believe there is refinement in every female- and we provide a wide range of choice to bring out the refined you. The you that stands out above all the rest

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