Woman’s Day.

Freedom isn’t free.

This statement must have been one of their driving forces in 1908, as those 15000 marched.

Saying no to long hours.

Saying no to poor pay.

Saying no to lack of voting rights.

They has seen women’s hopes and dreams die,

All because they had no voice.

The voice

woman speaking

image curtesy: unsplash

That is why we commemorate this day.

The day that reminds us that even though the battle was won, the war isn’t over.

Everyday we wake up, we must remember what we are fighting for.

What we are celebrating.

What we have been victorious in.

The battle

image curtesy: unsplash

We realize and recognize that we do deserve a seat on the table.

And as we are getting ours; we are going to pull out another for someone coming after us.

Because we know that we can only be victorious when we build each other up and not tear each other down.

Because there are enough people who do that already.

The tactic

So even in a day when you seem to not be able to carry your sword.

Keep fighting you are not alone.

Even though freedom may not be free, it tastes sweet and succulent.


And on that faithful day, you will be able to cry “Free at last, thank God Almighty we are free at last. ”


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