What is the House of Meliora?

I just recently discovered this artist, Jonathan Butler.

When he did a feature with Jonathan McReynolds.

And one of the songs I love right now is, "A House is not a Home".

Which tells a story of how because his wife and him are not in good terms and because of that, the home doesn't feel the same.

Why am I sharing one of the songs on my playlist with you?

Aside from the fact that I am introducing you to an amazing Jazz artist.

I am also aiming at giving you an understanding of this companies vision.

The Problem

Nowadays, women empowerment and equality has to be a discussion we hear everywhere.

"Claiming a sit on the table".

"Climbing up the ladder".

These are just a few of the phrases that are: posted; tweeted and podcast everywhere.

But sadly, some people just do that.

That's where they stop.

They just speak but take no action.

They don't offer support.

That's where the House of Meliora comes in.

It's vision is to be there for you.

Where, when you seem to never find a suit your size or your preferred length.

You can come home and find something exactly for you.

Ranging from elegant to sophisticated.

Where, when you don't feel confident.

You simply have to come and read our blog posts that are written to encourage and remind you of how extraordinary you are.

Where, when you just simply need an idea of how to mix up your work style a little bit.

All you have to do is checkout our ideas.

Where when you just need to unwind.

You will read on of our blogs, posted just to help you kick back, relax and enjoy the weekend, holiday or rest day.

A woman on a laptop

by IamKeliB



So come in.

Sit back.

Get really comfortable.

Take your pick.

Grow your wardrobe with us.

You can feel at home.

Because you are truly what makes the House of Meliora, a Home.

a house

by Madly wish



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