How to grow your self-confidence during a lockdown.


 I am sure you have heard this phrase a million times, "You are what you eat".

 The same goes for clothes, "You are what you wear".

 And right now, I am sure you are being a bit skeptical

 How does what I wear influence anything?

 Insecurities and doubt have to be a pandemic.

 No matter how many compliments you seem to get or the amount of eyes that glance as you walk by.

 You still don't feel beautiful.



 Because you believe you aren't pretty.

 No matter how many job interviews you excelled at; promotions you are getting or projects you are managing.

 No matter how well your kids are behaving; the amazing universities they have been selected to or how loving your husband is.

 You don't feel adequate.

 Especially now with the corona virus forcing us into lockdown and isolation.

 Where we are forced to lament on this thoughts as we can no longer keep  ourselves busy or distracted.

 Let me share with you something I myself am learning.  

 It is a lie.

 It is a lie that you are not beautiful, and it is an even bigger lie that you are not enough.

 I know, I haven't changed anything.

Because I can't change it.

 But do you know who can?


 Yes, the beautiful soul reading this.


By taking charge.

 Just like your success in your: marriage; career; business; school and life.

 Even your emotions need you to take charge.

 That's why what you wear matters. It is a building block to high- self confidence.

 And in a world where everyone highlights your flaws, we need the confidence of our self worth.



I am sure you have heard that advice,

 "Look into the mirror every morning when you wake up and tell yourself you are beautiful and eventually your mind will be convinced."

 I tried it for months on end but my mind refused to be convinced.

 I remembered something my mum always says,"Uchi, you are a daughter of a

Judge, dress like one."

 So, I started to contemplate why does she say that?

Then I had a light bulb moment.

 When you hear the word: Business man.

 Immediately, you have imagined a man in a neatly pressed suit, either with a briefcase or a phone in his left hand and an expensive watch on his right.

 Let's try another one.


 A man wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck; glasses and a clipboard.

 It may not be like that exactly, but I do believe you understand what I am saying.

 Our mind links a certain word to a certain look.

 That is why even during the lockdown and isolation.

 Take time.



In the mirror. 

Wear that suit.

Wear that dress.

Look at your reflection long and hard.

And see what everybody else sees.



It will not be easy. 

Some days you will just want to put on some sweats or lazy pants, but you are doing it for Future you.

Some days you just won't believe it, but it gets better.

I personally, am a testimony.

There are days I feel it to the core of my being.

Other days I feel it less, but it is still more than I used to feel.


 Let's picture one more person.


 A beautiful woman; who may not always feel significant but is very very special; successful and a full out achiever.

 Did you see it?






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