You Are Driven .

Drive is something all of us are after.

Every new year.

We set goals, and it is usually one of the top.

Then we follow through for a week.

Or a month at best.


Then all of a sudden the zeal to achieve our goals fade.

And now with Covid-19.

The zeal to achieve anything , is lower than before

You might have set a 20-20 vision.

And seeing none of it become a reality,

That is not the end of the story.



But because you are :



And face things head on, and that's exactly how you choose your clothes.

To communicate without words exactly who you are.

And that's where this suit comes in, 

Meliora White Three-Quarter Sleeve Trouser Suit

That is what it says.

You haven’t given up, you still have a hope.

You are rising and fighting.

And even-though, it may not look like you are winning.

You are.

At the end of all this.


That picture that is going to be painted will be way better than 20-20 vision you might have had.

So even if you may only have a few job offers or clients.

Face them with full zeal and expectation.

Watch how your hard work will pay off.

On that zoom call, wear your best suit and eye catching smile.

You are one- in - a million.

And this time you are achieving your goals.

You are in it to win it all the way.

Hope is merely a foot-stool to how much drive you have this year.

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