Why People will greatly Influence Your Growth?


Influence is all around us.

I used to believe that I was not influenced by anything.

Now I realize that that was one of the biggest lies, I could possibly tell myself.

From wardrobe to diet, there is someone or something that even if it may not be actively, will passively influence you.

Its about sowing a seed, maybe the person that inspired you to start getting suits was a woman you watched on youtube OR on an interview on BBC.

The Point I am making here is, most of who you are today is a result of almost 20,000 other peoples impacts in your life.

That is why it is very important, that as you are setting the goals and pursuing them, you are also watching and minding who is driving along with you.

Who you call when you get a hiccup;

 Who you call to celebrate with you.

Because they heavily influence your drive and speed.


The Shrinkers

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There are those that will make you feel inferior.

Incapable of accomplishing anything.

They will make you feel terrible; for thinking that at your age, you are still capable of having dreams.

“It’s too late for you love.”

Some will mock, in a pretense of possessing any care and regard for your well-being.

“We just don’t want to see you get hurt.”

And as we discussed in the previous blog, hurt is most likely going to come about,

But that is also why you will need loving friends, so that when you feel like giving up, they remind you that:

You are bigger than your dream.

Because even though you can not look on the Brightside; I will sit with you and show you where the light is.


The Chokers

Then there are those that may not even be friends, but because they are colleagues or people in similar circles, you entertain from time to time.

They witness your drive and diligence towards work,

You are always early to get to work,

And during quarantine, you may be the first to join the zoom conference, or even the one making sure that everyone remembers.

And because of all that, they make you feel bad.

They say simple lines like,

“Don’t worry, soon all that zeal will leave and you will become like the rest of us.”

And for you, you may tell yourself that such words do not matter at all, when in all essence, it plants a seed.

So continually allowing them to speak or comment on your work ethic, sitting to listen to the jokes they begin to make.

Waters that seed, and when you thought that nothing and no one could scathe your drive, it is actually crushed by the words of those around you.

All of those,  ”You are honestly doing too much” and those “No one really cares how much you work anyways”

That is why you need friends that, remind you to take a break from time to time so that you don’t burnout and when you begin to slack off,

Reminding you of your full potential and how you are far better than the point and the speed you are going at right now.

How even though Rome was not built in a day, everyday you take to build your Rome counts.


True Growth

That is why as you continue to drive towards that goal and build your personal Rome,

Do not forget the power of words and the great influence those you entertain and surround yourself with have on you.

For we, no matter how independent and confident we are, need people in our lives.

But we must choose today, if the decision has not already been made,

“That I will have people that build me up”

“That push me to the limit”

“That encourage my dreams and help me get there.”

Those are the friends that help turn the seed of your dreams into a mighty woodland.



image curtesy: Unsplash


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