The Journey

My dear queen, I know seems like forever since we last spoke, about 21 months to be exact. 

May I say how much I dearly missed you; I am sorry it took so long to get my groove a new be in a space where I can guaruntee authenticity and consistency.

In my absence I explored so many things especially the conversations I would love us to have , because as I mentioned in one of the blog posts, the House of ameliorate is a Hone for women; you and I included.

A home is a space where one must feel free to grow and with it, everything included in the package like stumbling, tears, laughs, hugs and a new brooch to reward yourself a job well done like the breathtaking rose gold star rhinestone that is currently going at the modest price of £15.

So I had to ask myself how I would make you, my dearest, hear that in my words and the answer I got is in exactly what I just wrote.
By allowing myself to grow.

To grow in this home with you.

Together we will explore the Journey of becoming everything you want to be, everything you were meant to be. The journey of learning your voice ; your mark in this remarkable universe we share.

However, we will always aim to remind each other to be gracious and gentle with ourselves, because patience on this journey is very important.
So here is to walking through this exciting journey together; to following the map; taking a few detours and memories along the way.

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