Getting back up

I remember watching a scene in some show growing up.

This child, whether it was a girl or boy I do not recall.

However, what stuck with me to this day is the response the elder gave him.

The child was complaining about how they continually seem to get hurt and how they were tired and on the brim of giving up. 

The elder, with compassion and the purest sincerity told the child, "Falling just teaches you how not to do it next time."

And I think that is true for most of us,

As humans, majority of us have this tendency of dealing with ourselves ten times harsher than we would deal with anyone else.


The Problem

So, when we fall; most usually say to ourselves.

I am the biggest failure.

But in the words of Isaac Newton.

Who failed 999 times

Before, he actually created the lightbulb.

"I just found 999 ways not to do it."

So, let go of that negative, hope killing lens.

That makes you see a business or job opportunity fail as.

You not being good at anything.


The Journey

image curtesy: Unsplash

Start looking at is as a journey.

Because that is what it is.

You have your destination.

But because no one else but you has ever taken this journey.

You have to draw the map as you go along.

So, you will take the wrong turns here and there.

Just turn around, because now you know where not to go.

When you get a flat tire and run out of gas,

Ask someone who seems to be going in a similar direction for help.

Some might refuse and others will be with you for the long run.

Don't forget to enjoy the ride in the process.

Bookmark your wins.

No matter how small they look.

Because, they are your little reminders that you are a Champion.

And continue on.


The Process

Smile; laugh and cry.

Whatever the emotion,

Allow yourself to feel.

Then still continue moving.

With every step you take.

You are getting closer and when you fall.

You just learn how better to fly.

a bird flying

image curtesy: Unsplash

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